About Us

About Us

With an edition of facilitating processes, thus breaking, as barriers that prevent an exchange student from realizing the dream of making an exchange, an eduzeo was created.

The main goal is to connect with the student, eliminating intermediaries, simplifying processes and reducing costs.

So if you are thinking of doing the exchange in Australia, and want agility and answers to all your questions and information are looking for, have a great things to have you have a great value in the site, have a great value for a unique office, and one that is possible for business network, we are a platform that facilitates your direct contact with school, without charging any extra fees for this service!

Make the search experience easier and more accessible, in a much faster, simpler and more transparent way. Want to start your journey?

Visit our home page and see the courses available.

Be a great satisfaction to help achieve your success.

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