Buy internet exchange package: See how easy it is!
Buy internet exchange package: See how easy it is!

If the internet did not exist in your life, would you like an exchange student, how would you do to research about a city or school from another country, where you wanted to study English and live the experience of doing an exchange?

Yeah! Other times is not it? And as time passes, new technologies and facilities arise and are added to our lives. All this with the purpose of simplifying and streamlining our day to day.

And following this trend emerged Eduzeo, the first online exchange booking platform in Australia.

The entire process from the choice of city, school, contract, payment and issuance of documents is carried out within the platform. Everything is done by the digital medium, you do not need to print or scanned anything. And on the bureaucratic part is much simpler and faster, than if carried out directly by an exchange agency.

And what is it like to buy an exchange package in Australia using the Eduzeo platform?

Well, it’s very simple! We will show you how to buy an English course in Australia, with Eduzeo, summarizing in 7 steps: 😉


1- First you choose the city and its course;

2- Then you enter your information (valid passport and contact information);

3- Once done, the Eduzeo team will review your data;

4- Once your data is reviewed the offer letter will be sent to you and you must sign it.

Again it is worth remembering that this whole process is online. You do not need to print, scan or take photo to send to us.

5- Once you have completed this process, you need to pay for the course.

Payment is also made within the platform. Once this is done, payment is shipped from Brazil directly to the schools using an Australian company specializing in course payments abroad, totally secure!

6- Once the school receives your payment and is confirmed, you will be sent the COE, the tuition confirmation letter of your course to you.

7- Upon receiving the COE, you get in touch with one of our accredited brokers on our platform, to begin the process of your visa.


Information on the documents that must be provided and the requirements that will help to have your visa approved are available on the website. But if you prefer, you can contact one of our consultants, who will help you with any questions regarding this matter. (I.e.

After entering your visa, just wait for the result to be sent by the Australian embassy.

This is Eduzeo, simple and safe! The platform that aims to revolutionize the way the exchange students buy English courses in Australia.

Access our website:

Learn more about us and check out our exclusive packages at discounted prices!

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