Australian exclusive exchange packages according to your profile!
Australian exclusive exchange packages according to your profile!

You must have read or heard this phrase: “The search for the perfect match”, right? For those who have used Tinder, I think so. 😉

Searching for an exchange package works the same way. It is very important that the city and the school match with the exchange student so that it will make it easier for the exchange student to achieve the desired success.

This is one of the great differences of Eduzeo, the methodology of work focused on helping the student to choose the Australian city and the school that best suits their needs.

And how does this work?

Inside the website you will find several options of cities, schools, exchange packages with exclusive prices, among other information. Often, some exchange students already have the city in mind and the only question is which school to choose and the type of package. But if you do not even know the city, you can contact one of our consultants, who are twenty-four hours on-line on the platform, willing to help you not have to.

From the moment you start a conversation with one of our consultants, this consultant will ask you some questions that will profile you and link you to the city and school that best match what you are looking for.

It’s like making an exchange package tailored to you!

For example:

If you are looking to study English in Australia, with a focus on learning and / or improving the language to achieve fluency, or on the basis of a certificate such as IELTs or Cambridge, the consultant who is taking care of you will select the best schools that have the best teaching methodology. All this to help you achieve the level of fluency that you both dream of or the certificate you both crave.

If you just want to study English and work, to stay and enjoy the city more and more, or maybe even travel to other places nearby. it will also work the same way! The consultant responsible for your service will select the schools that best suit your profile to facilitate your choice.

And a great detail that is worth highlighting here. All exchange packages in Australia of Eduzeo include, in addition to the school: tuition, material, compulsory health insurance, visa fee and accommodation in the first two weeks.

And best of all, with special values ​​that fit in your pocket! 😀

This is EDUZEO, the first 100% on-line exchange booking platform that aims to revolutionize the way exchange students buy English courses in Australia.

Access our website:

Learn more about us and check out our exclusive packages at discounted prices!

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